Lynn Morgan was born in Dallas, Texas in 1951.  She began drawing and painting in her childhood as a self-taught artist, inspired by the old Masters of Art.  The artists that inspired her the most in her early years were Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.  She loved their use of color and boldness.  Her determination to learn all she could about painting in all mediums and to develop her natural artistic abilities have led her to a lifetime of study, practice and perseverence.  There have been periods in her life where she has put down her brushes only to be drawn back again and again.  Her love of the Southwest and the American Indians are a constant inspiration to her.  

Lynn lives in Wellton, Arizona, with her husband Victor.  Now retired after 30 years in the communication business, she can now paint full-time in her studio at home.  As she travels she always has her camera with her to catch scenes which will be edited, sketched and then painted in her studio.  

Art is a true gift from God and should be shared with others.  

"What is done with love is well done."  

Vincent Van Gogh