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Board meeting called to order at 1:03 by President Judy Wright.

Treasurer information:  Current budget goes to the end of 2019, at which time we will go to a January 1-December 31 budget for 2020.  One of our scholarship recipients from last year did not continue with school and the $1000 is being returned to us.  No money will need to be taken out of the CDs this year for the current scholarship recipients as we have enough in checking to take care of this.

Paint-In Day for next year.  Judy Phillips reported that we will be using the Littlewood Co-op as our location.  Members will be asked if they would be willing to teach a session to get some new materials into the event.  It will be held January 29, 2020.

Lynette Weise is our new Membership Chair and has the files now.

Program for April will be Judy Wright doing a new alcohol ink technique.

From Lynn Morgan.  Desert Arts of Yuma is folding and it may be that they will ask us to manage the funds for donors at the Fair’s Fine Arts Exhibit.

There will be a midsummer newsletter with a survey of members about club activities and what they would like to see for new programs, etc.

Discussion on policy issues for ARTrails.  Members need to take care of paperwork by the deadline.  Anything later will not be able to participate.  HARD DEADLINE FOR BROCHURE Photo, application and paid fee are necessary by December 21 so brochure can be printed and ready for the February Art Show

SECOND DEADLINE for those not in the brochure will be the February meeting.  All registrations MUST go through the ARTrails Chairperson.

These deadlines are in place largely because of the huge mess that occurred before the 2018 show due to members not turning in registrations on time.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00



General Meeting April 9, 2019

Meeting called to order at 12:35 by President Judy Wright.

One guest, Robin Morgan, introduced herself and said she found us from a brochure at the Quartermaster‘s Depot.

Treasurer’s Report by Carolyn Bennett.  CDs have been renewed for this year. There was no need to pull money out for scholarships this year as one of last year’s scholarship was not used.

There will be a member‘s survey with this year’s midsummer newsletter and every member who returns the survey prior to the November meeting will get an extra 50-50 ticket at the December meeting!

Discussion held on ARTrails re: prior year’s problems with people not registering for the show and a mismatch of photos and fees for the show.  This was the reason for due dates being set so the brochure could be published on time.  There are some issues with the deadlines which the total membership will vote on probably.  during the December meeting.  Event insurance for the show was also discussed.  Insurance requires that we report who is participating prior to the show.  We will take up this issue again in the fall.

An alcohol ink demo was done by Judy Wright showing how to do texture with wig hair. 

Show and Tell